Sarah Anderson

Life Coach

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As a workplace coach, I put a lot of effort into creating unique experiences for each team member to foster professional development, efficiency, and job motivation and satisfaction. I design comprehensive programs for career development and advancement, and I offer personalised feedback to help people in knowing the areas they need to work on so they can achieve their goals. I also collaborate with team members to track their growth and promote a positive attitude at work through my observations and effective communication abilities. Work with me if you want to develop your professional skills, enhance your professional relationships, and improve your overall performance at work.

Benjamin Thompson

Life Coach

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Hi! I'm a seasoned workplace coach with years of experience working in the human resources field across industries. My expertise lies in developing training sessions and professional development programs to upskill employees and improve their problem-solving and communication abilities. Part of my approach to coaching is to closely observe and monitor employee progress and performance to determine who might need additional assistance in terms of professional development. I have excellent knowledge of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to achieving excellence at work. That is why I collaborate with management to design solutions that address staff development and retention, lack of resources, and skill shortages. I strive to promote a positive attitude in the workplace and create a healthy work environment for everyone across the organisations I work with.

Emily Wilson

Life Coach

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I am a workplace coach who focuses on helping employees and executives develop and sustain a positive attitude in the workplace to drive performance, productivity, motivation, and job satisfaction. When I conduct coaching sessions, I make sure to show teams the value of a healthy work environment in improving both the quality and quantity of outcomes. I also offer suggestions to reduce stress levels at work so they can maintain their focus and effectively address challenges that come their way. Get in touch with me if you want to work with a coach who’s ready to help you and your team become better at work.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the aid of a certified coach, you can enhance your relationships, general wellbeing, sense of fulfilment, and satisfaction. They can aid you in overcoming obstacles and limiting beliefs and patterns of behaviour that might be preventing you from reaching your full potential. It is also simpler to clarify your values, priorities, and purpose and align your activities with them when you have a certified coach by your side. Moreover, they can help you navigate major life transitions, including changing careers, coping with a sudden loss, or terminating a relationship, by providing you with professional guidance, advice, and support.

Therapists are largely focused on treating mental health disorders, whereas coaches help people achieve specific goals and enhance their overall wellbeing.

Finding a coach who is a good fit for your needs and goals is crucial since they can provide support on a wide range of scenarios and issues. Some coaches specialize in certain areas, while others may have a more general practice. A coach can therefore assist you with career advancement, personal growth, relationships, financial objectives, stress management, and finding a purpose and balance in life, depending on your needs and who you decide to work with. Before making a choice, consider looking around first. Consult the coaches to determine their areas of specialization, level of experience, and coaching philosophy. This will allow you to choose the ideal professional to work with who can provide the support you require.

Even though our coaches come from a variety of backgrounds, they are all certified to offer coaching services to clients due to their certification or accreditation from reputable membership organizations for professional coaches. We are aware of how crucial it is to pick a coach who matches your requirements. As such, we have devised a thorough application and screening process for all coaches who would like to join our platform. To guarantee that you can access the best and most qualified instructors available, we only accept the top 20% of applicants in our network. In a similar vein, we frequently evaluate the coaches who work with clients via our platform. By doing this, you can be certain that your desired coach will provide you with coaching services that are appropriate for your needs and goals.

Prices vary depending on the coach you choose to work with. We enable our coaches to decide how much they want to charge. We provide them this option so they can select the compensation they think is fair given their background and degree of expertise. When you browse our platform, a coach's dedicated profile will list the cost of their services.

All the coaches on our platform have profiles you may view. Review each professional's credentials, areas of expertise, experiences, and capabilities before deciding which one best suit your needs. Once you've identified the ideal coach, all you need to do is click the "Book" button on their profile and proceed as instructed to schedule your coaching session.

Depending on the individual's particular needs and goals, the coaching session duration varies. Although some people only work with a coach for a little time—say, a few days or weeks—others may continue working with them for months, a year or longer. It's vital to keep in mind that the length of the coaching session will depend on your needs, goals, and targeted level of development. To help you achieve your goals or desired outcomes in a period that is convenient for you, our coaches will sit down with you and create a plan that is tailored to your needs.

The clients and their goals determine the success rate of the coaching sessions facilitated through our platform. However, to provide our clients the best coaching experience possible, we carefully choose and assess our coaches to make sure they have the knowledge, abilities, and commitment required to assist them in accomplishing their goals and expected outcomes. Also, we have a system of evaluation and feedback in place to track client experiences and ensure that our coaches adjust as necessary. Because coaching sessions booked through our platform are based on the unique experiences of the clients, we don't have standard criteria to determine the percentage of success. Yet, clients who have used our platform and noticed changes in various aspects of their lives have left us with favourable feedback.

Find a workplace coach online in Canada and create new habits that will improve your skills and set you up for success at work

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Rachel Knight

Coachingly played a crucial role in improving my performance at work. It was through the platform that I get the opportunity to get coaching from an experienced workplace coach supported me in identifying my limitations and strengths and provided me with valuable advice on how to raise my performance. I can now improve my work habits in a meaningful way, thanks to their constructive criticism. I now have more faith in my skills, and I've noticed real gains in my productivity and job satisfaction.

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All credentialed, possessing certification or accreditation from recognised membership organisations.

Wide range of specialties to choose from, including career, business, relationships, personal development and more.

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Find a workplace coach online in Canada and discover new ways of thinking, further grow your strengths, and act on various growth opportunities at work

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Dean Skinner

March 14

For any employee looking to boost their work performance or manager seeking to take their team's capabilities to the next level, consider using Coachingly to find the right workplace coach for your needs. The coach I found there was instrumental in my professional growth and development by giving me specialized learning opportunities that have helped in my ability to pick up new skills and advance in my position. My career ambitions have been greatly aided by their advice and encouragement, and I am truly grateful for their knowledge and support.

Rebecca Murray

March 14

Having access to Coachingly changed my professional life for the better. The platform enabled me to find and work with an awesome workplace coach who sat down with me to identify my career goals and has given me the means to pursue them. Their advice has been of tremendous use to me as I've navigated difficult circumstances at work and developed my leadership and communication abilities.

Isabella May

March 14

Thank you Coachingly for helping me connect with a coach who was genuinely committed in helping me advance in my career. They have been a tremendous source of support and direction, offering me frank and helpful criticism that has helped me advance both professionally and personally. They have assisted me in identifying my areas for growth and have given me practical solutions. Now that I am more driven and involved in my work, I feel more prepared to meet the demands of my position.

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