Coachingly is a dedicated platform for coaches seeking to expand their clientele and build a credible personal brand. We specialize in high-ticket offer strategies and organic client acquisition through ethical SEO and content marketing, focusing on creating meaningful, long-term client relationships.

Our services are tailored for coaches and consultants who are committed to ethical practices and want to scale their business beyond conventional methods. If you aim to reach significant income milestones while making a positive impact, Coachingly is for you.

Unlike platforms that rely on aggressive marketing tactics, Coachingly uses pull marketing to organically attract clients. We prioritize client-coach matches based on genuine need and expertise, not just visibility. Our approach is built on integrity and helping you stand out as a trusted expert in your niche.

High-ticket offers are premium coaching programs priced to reflect the value and depth of expertise you provide. Instead of hourly rates, we help you package your services into comprehensive programs that attract serious clients willing to invest in high-quality coaching.

Your video profile on Coachingly is a short introduction that allows potential clients to connect with you on a personal level. This video is designed to address the client's needs and pain points, showcasing your expertise and approachability.

Yes, Coachingly provides support for SEO and content marketing to ensure that your coaching services gain organic visibility online. This means you attract clients who are already looking for the coaching services you offer.

Being a verified Coachingly expert means you have gone through our onboarding process and have met our standards of expertise and professionalism. This badge of verification adds to your credibility and helps clients trust the quality of your coaching services.

Coachingly is suitable for both established and new coaches who are serious about building a sustainable, impactful coaching practice. We provide the tools and support to help you establish your brand and grow your client base.

Our revenue-sharing model is designed to align our success with yours. We charge a one-time fee and then share in the revenue generated from your coaching services, ensuring we are incentivized to help you grow.

Getting started is simple. Book your onboarding call with us today, and we'll guide you through the process of setting up your profile, creating your high-ticket offer, and starting your journey to becoming a verified Coachingly expert.