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Gwen R 

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Before becoming a certified leadership development and business coach, Gwen spent eight years in corporate management in the human resources, engineering, and investment banking industries. Her exposure to the corporate world allowed her to deeply understand and effectively navigate the challenges of people development and management. She now uses that knowledge and experience to help practicing and would-be leaders enhance their leadership skills and business owners/entrepreneurs overcome the pressures of building and running a business in today’s environment.

With her commercial competence and empathetic approach to coaching, Gwen can swiftly establish trust among the clients she works with, including young professionals and seasoned managers and executives from startups to Fortune 500 companies. She’s also able to provide valuable advice and feedback, create a comfortable and open coaching environment, and provide insightful recommendations. You can learn more about Gwen and understand how she can help you by contacting her.


(38 reviews)


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