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Hi, I’m Janice! It’s nice to meet you.

I started my first business back when I was 23 and sold it off after 8 years. Soon after, I found myself drawn to coaching, wanting to help aspiring entrepreneurs realise their dream business while giving them the tools to overcome challenges like feelings of fear, restlessness, and unfulfillment.

I listen intently to what my clients have to say because I want to know and understand them at a deeper level. From there, I tailor the best approach/solution for their situation. I then continue to guide them in their journey to entrepreneurship until they are able to find their stride and can shatter barriers that are holding them.

If you are looking for real, transformational, and no non-sense coaching to help you develop the business mindset and gain the entrepreneurship transformation that you want, I can’t wait to hear from you!

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What clients say

Alex Roman on June 29, 2022

Janice literally changed the way I look at business & sales. She taught me everything I need to know to get consistent dream clients and sell my program. He's the best investment you'll make! Highly recommended.


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