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I help people build their confidence, find their purpose, and improve their mindset and approaches to realise their potential and goals. I bring with me 8+ years of coaching experience, a master’s degree in counselling psychology, and clear-cut approaches that I can tailor according to my clients’ needs.

If you are struggling with the feeling of being stuck or unfulfilled with where you are now; find yourself having self-confidence and self-esteem issues that are weighing you down; or are overcome by fears, insecurities and negative habits, know that you can change the situation you are in right now and make small, steady progress that can reap you bigger rewards.

With my support, we can work together in lifting your self-confidence and self-esteem, throwing away you limiting beliefs and replacing them with possibilities, and recalibrating your mindset and the way you operate. So that at the end of it all, you can focus on the road ahead of you and work towards your goal without worrying about anything from holding you back. I’m excited to work with you and be part of your journey towards a successful life.

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Aaron V. on June 29, 2022

Jason was very helpful and informative, his interview tips were great for easing anxiety before the interview, and also supported me with follow-up after the first interview. Great experience! Thanks for helping me build my confidence, Jason! I owe it to you.


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