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America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Winner and Semi-Finalist, Jehlad Hickson was born in Manchester, New Hampshire, but that’s not where he really grew up. Throughout his life, he has moved about 18 times, around the east coast, and then finally to San Diego, where he resides currently.
His love of music started when he was 2 when he got a bongo set, and then continued when he started singing at 3. Although he doesn’t have a musical family, music runs in his veins.
As you can tell, music is extremely important in Jehlad’s life. “Art and music is the last true form of connection.” He then goes on to state that we use art to tell your story. We are all in the same place, but to tell your story is important, and music and art can help you with that. Art is for self-expression, and for those who want to excel. You got to show the world who you are, and you have to use your power and keep going.
He hopes to do well in music, touring around the world. Jehlad has sang the national anthem at three MLB stadiums, for the Padres, Dodgers, and an upcoming trip with the Seattle Mariners! He wants to work with as many people as possible and explore life. He went to college for both criminology and psychology, but now has Masters in Business with a concentration in Digital entrepreneurship and macroeconomics, with a plan to graduate sometime in 2020. He knows he has made it when he can buy his mom a house. -Written by Anna Schoenmann, Idyllwild School of Arts Class of 2022

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