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John D 

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After serving in various senior roles for companies across information technology, construction, and marketing for more than ten years, I decided to use my knowledge and skills to support, inspire, and motivate people in their journey to professional development and career and business success by becoming a life, business, and career coach. I’ve been in this profession for four years now, working with individuals, leaders, and teams. My practice is supported by my bachelor’s degree in business management, a graduate diploma in coaching, a certificate in coaching skills, and Six Sigma for Managers.

I consider myself an enthusiastic, empathetic, and compassionate coach. I have a knack for connecting with people from a wide range of backgrounds and supporting them in navigating uncertainties by providing insights, advice, and feedback.

If you feel stressed or overwhelmed with your current situation at work or business, or you feel that your team is experiencing chaos daily, I can work with you to help transform your perspective and situation for the better. Let’s talk!


(41 reviews)


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