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Hey there! Thanks for dropping by my profile. I’m a business, sales, and mindset coach who works with entrepreneurs and small and mid-sized business owners. My previous career as a manager for marketing, branding, and positioning in companies like Aldi and Nike has given me excellent business insights and unique combination of skills in areas like business planning, strategy development, and implementation, client relations, risk management, to name a few.

I now use that expertise in combination with my coaching ability to help business owners and entrepreneurs work through the challenges in growing their business, marketing their products/services/brands with confidence and with better results, developing better relationships with their clients, and enhancing their mindset so they can become better in running their ventures.

When working with clients, I always take a collaborative, client-driven and results-oriented approach. More than just providing guidance, I give my clients the power and opportunity to fully express themselves and make their own choices, helping them build their confidence and self-awareness, and satisfaction.

Let’s talk about what you’d like to accomplish, identify possible roadblocks, and work together so you can get there!

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Joel B on June 29, 2022

Keith is one of the few coaches I've tried that I actually felt like they were actually great at what they do. I think it's a no-brainer to work with him!


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