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I, Ketki Chandavarkar am an ICF certified Mindset Magician & Entrepreneur in the wellness space. I help my clients recover from burnout in 10 weeks and gain confidence, purpose and drive. However, the first leg of my career started in Fashion Retail. After working in Fashion for 15+ years, it became a struggle. The usual trappings of pushing myself to be a high performer at work and in my personal life, took it's toll on me. I went from looking forward to my work and travel to dreading it. Yes, I burnt out and at that time, I didn’t have the vocabulary for it. In searching for ways to recover and rejuvenate myself, I came across coaching and my coach. That led me to discover my calling and I decided to re-invented myself, as Mindset Coach.

Today it is my mission to help entrepreneurs and professionals, like me, develop a resilient mindset. Ensuring that mindfulness can become, everyone’s simple daily practice, that each one can design uniquely for themselves. To achieve work-life HARMONY with sustainable results.

help entrepreneurs & professionals who are feeling and showing symptoms of;
Stress, anxiety, lack of motivation, low self esteem & depression.
Which then causes them to think that they are stuck in a rut, in unfulfilling jobs and/or relationships, lacking passion, purpose or drive in their lives.

My Methods are simple yet intensive. They are carefully designed and backed by studies done in Epigenetics and Neuro Linguistic Programming. It helps you, shed your limiting beliefs, change your behaviors and thought patterns, that result in building self-confidence, drive, focus and purpose, in your work & life.

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