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Kristopher G 

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I’m an NLP-certified master practitioner and coach with previous experience working as a human resources manager. As a coach, I help individuals manage major transitions. I’ve worked with professionals and managers and leaders seeking to excel in their jobs. I also work with regular people wanting to achieve the life they have envisioned for themselves and their families.

I believe that coaching provides people a safe space and time to discover more about themselves and helps them learn habits and find meaning and value in different phases of their lives. As such, when I work with clients, I usually support them in following a process of exploration, acceptance, attitude, and commitment. That means an in-depth exploration of their situation, an acceptance of the things they can and cannot change, an attitude to take action to proceed with their transition journey, and a commitment to establish habits and thoughts that will support their transition.

I’m excited to partner with you and support you on your transition journey. Let’s connect!


(49 reviews)


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