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Liza P 

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Whether you are in a dead-end job and want to pivot your career in a different direction, need to evaluate your career options and opportunities because you recently lost your job, or are aspiring to get promoted or leave a legacy behind, I can provide the guidance and support you need to get where you want to go.

I hold a BS degree in business administration and an MA in human resources management. I am also a credentialled career and business coach. Besides my educational background, I also worked as a change management executive for years. Combining these qualifications and experiences, I have developed the skills to connect and relate to people and provide support in helping them grow.

I always think that everyone has the power to excel. You just need to have the right resources and support to catalyse change in you and unlock your potential and success. And that is what I’m here for. Contact me if you need my help.


(19 reviews)


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