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Mabelle H 

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As a long-time career coach, life coach, and workplace coach, my job is to help people get the motivation they need to pursue their dream careers, get back on track if they feel lost in their current jobs, create a more fulfilling career, and maintain a good working relationship with their colleagues. I also guide people in making positive life transformations, supporting them in overcoming their fears, stepping out of their comfort zones, and creating a life they truly want.

My career in coaching started in 2012 when I found myself having difficulty in my personal life while also having an unfulfilling career. That year, I decided to partner with a life coach so I can make the necessary changes in my life and career. I received the support that I needed and also eventually realised that I was interested in becoming a life coach myself. That’s when I decided to resign from my previous job and take an intensive education and training in life coaching.

From then on, I have never looked back and have become happier and more satisfied with my life and career. I want other people to find the support they need in me so they can also take their careers to the next level and live the life they want.


(36 reviews)


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