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Mariel K 

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With 9 years of experience as a certified business coach and more than 8 years doing corporate work while running a business on the side, I am in the position to help entrepreneurs have thriving businesses.

My approach to coaching is all about helping you set your vision and priorities, develop and implement a solid plan and strategy, and increase your capabilities while also allowing you to better manage your time. We start by looking into your current situation, helping you identify the most important aspects of your business, and systematically prioritising those that you love and are helping your business move forward.

Many of the clients I’m currently working with and have previously worked with telling that my coaching has helped them focus their attention on the most important tasks that enabled them to grow their income and experience renewed excitement for their businesses. Some even said that they have more time with their families. I want you to experience the same outcomes or even more with my help, so get in touch with us and let us drive your business forward.


(45 reviews)


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