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Rosalie F 

(27 reviews)

I’m a certified life coach and women empowerment coach. For 4 years, I’ve been helping people, especially women keep the balance between their family life, work, and other commitments. I also help them better handle their personal struggles with determination and hope.

Knowing that different people have different struggles and experiences, I design my coaching according to the unique needs of my clients. I also combine a number of approaches to ensure that they will achieve lasting results. So if you want to achieve any of the following outcomes listed below, I’m ready to work with you and see you succeed. Rest assured that I won’t leave you to your devices and that the entire process will be fun and interesting.

• Improve self-confidence, awareness, and worth.
• Enhance sense of freedom
• Increase peace, joy, and emotional resilience
• Decrease fears and trauma triggers
• Better ability to create and keep healthy relationships
• Let go of toxic emotions
• Improve perspective in life
• Stop cycle of self-sabotage
• Recovery from traumatic experience


(27 reviews)


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