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Susan A 

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Are you a woman who wants to overcome the emotional or physical challenges you are experiencing? Do you want to stop your cycle of self-sabotage that is negatively affecting your life, career, and relationships? Are you looking to increase your self-confidence, awareness and worth so you can live a more meaningful and purposeful life? If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, then I’m here to provide the guidance, tools, and step-by-step process you need to navigate your situation with ease.

I’m a certified coach who focuses on life improvement, NLP, and women empowerment. I’ve been coaching clients for 10+ years, enabling them to break through barriers, find their authentic selves, handle their emotions more effectively, and become clearer on the next steps they need to take to make positive changes in their life, career, and relationships.

In my practice, I draw on a variety of training approaches as well as my knowledge of personal development, human behaviour, counselling, and philosophy. So, when you are ready to empower yourself, improve your situation, and feel more in control, alive, and energised in your life, career, and relationships, feel free to contact me.


(41 reviews)


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