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Transform Your Mindset with a Dedicated Mental Health Coach

Hello and welcome! I'm Tommy Noegel, a dedicated Mental Health Coach based in Austin, Texas. I'm here to help you improve the relationship you have with yourself, combat your inner critic, and transform your life. Whether you're a high-level executive, a professional in a high-stress role, or someone navigating significant life changes, my coaching services are designed to support your journey toward a more fulfilling and balanced life.

My Mental Health Coaching Philosophy

At the heart of my mental health coaching practice is the belief that everyone has the potential to lead a life filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment. My approach is empathetic and supportive, encouraging and motivational, professional and knowledgeable, personable and relatable. I understand the unique challenges you face and am committed to helping you overcome them.

Areas of Expertise

Mental Health Coaching

As a Mental Health Coach based in Austin, Texas, I focus on helping you improve your mental health and emotional well-being. This involves addressing issues such as low self-esteem, inner critics, self-sabotage, and self-destructive behaviors. My goal is to empower you to silence negative self-talk, develop a positive self-image, and build a resilient mindset.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

In my executive and leadership coaching practice, I work with high-level professionals experiencing burnout, anxiety, and pressure in their careers. I help executives and senior managers enhance their leadership skills, manage stress, and achieve a better work-life balance. Together, we will develop strategies to improve your confidence, decision-making, and overall effectiveness in your role.

Life Transition Coaching

Life is full of transitions, and navigating these changes can be challenging. As a life transition coach, I assist clients in managing significant life changes such as career shifts, relationship decisions, and other major milestones. By focusing on your values and vision, I help you gain clarity and confidence during these pivotal moments.

Challenges My Ideal Clients Face

My ideal clients often face a variety of challenges, including:

  • Feelings of unworthiness

  • Low self-esteem

  • Inner critics and self-sabotage

  • Self-destructive behaviors

  • Lack of discipline and motivation

  • Hopelessness

  • Negative self-talk

If you recognize yourself in these descriptions, know that you are not alone, and there is a way forward.

Unique Selling Points

One of the unique tools I offer in my mental health coaching practice is the Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment. This research-based assessment provides insights into how you show up for yourself and others in different areas of your life. It offers a tangible result about your level of engagement in the world, helping you understand your energetic reactions and empowering you to modify your perspective.

Transformations I've Helped Achieve

Over the years, I've had the privilege of witnessing profound transformations in my clients. Here are a few examples:

Executive Transition

One of my clients, an overwhelmed and anxious executive, came to me feeling the immense pressure of their role. Through our work together, they were able to leave their company confidently and excitedly. They felt a sense of relief in their body, knowing they had made the right decision.

Clarity and Peace About Marriage

Another client was struggling with nervousness and uncertainty about marrying their fianc. By digging deeper into their values and evaluating their journey, they gained clarity and peace about their decision. They began to communicate more openly with their partner, resulting in higher levels of peace and confidence.

Overcoming Feelings of Unworthiness

A senior manager I worked with felt unworthy and lacked motivation, especially at the end of the week. By addressing their perceived barriers and developing discipline, they learned to accept compliments and trust themselves. Over time, they removed the unfair guilt they had placed on themselves, leading to a significant boost in their self-esteem.

Finding Joy and Calmness

I also worked with a social worker who felt guilty and frustrated. Through our sessions, they experienced greater joy without guilt and a sense of calmness. They committed themselves only to what mattered from their intuition, not what others might think. This energy shift transformed their outlook from frustration to excitement.

How I Coach and Help You Reach Your Goals

My coaching approach is designed to support you in developing a clear vision and understanding the significance of the changes you want to make. Here's how I work with my clients:

1. Developing Your Vision: Seeking positive change is natural for all of us! Who doesn't want to grow? Taking the time to gain clarity on what your success looks like and what it means for you will empower you along your journey. We'll ensure that the roots you plant upfront align with your vision and offer support when the going gets tough. Whenever motivation might dip and you begin to talk yourself out of something because you don't feel like doing something, you'll have a concrete foundation to lean into.

2. Understanding Your Energetic Profile: Once you take your Energy Leadership Index Assesment (ELI), I'll debrief you on your results that'll offer a baseline for how you're currently operating. You'll learn about the different levels of energy that we fluctuate in and out of and gain clarity around the pros/cons of each level. This will help us look at how you naturally respond to stressors and work through any insecurities.

3. Detective Work: This is where we dig deep together to explore your emotions, beliefs, values, and any messages about yourself, that are creating the lens you're seeing the world from. The objective is to raise your self-awareness to see where your energy is being consumed and identify shifts you'll want to create from these insights. We'll uncover any assumptions, messages of not being enough, limiting beliefs, and interpretations blocking you from moving forward.

4. Setting Goals & Accountability: Coaching is about taking action and moving into the future! Creating a roadmap by setting specific and personalized goals will offer you the next steps you'll look to focus your energy on. We'll be proactive toward your needs and identify barriers to make sure you don't get caught up in decision fatigue. I'll actively work with you to identify what the goal will be for each session. 

Why I Became a Mental Health Coach

My journey into coaching began after college when I discovered the International Coaching Federation. Although becoming a psychologist didn't feel like the right fit, I knew I wanted to work with people and help them improve their lives. Coaching aligned perfectly with my purpose and passion, and it has forever changed my life. I'm grateful every day to dedicate myself to work that brings me great joy and fulfillment.

Let's Work Together

Whether you're an executive looking to manage stress, a professional navigating a significant life change, or someone seeking to improve your mental health, I can help. Together, we'll work to overcome the challenges you're facing and unlock your full potential.

Thank you for visiting my page. If you resonate with my approach and believe we could be a good fit, I invite you to reach out and schedule a consultation. Let's start your journey towards a more fulfilling and balanced life today.

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